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 Introduction to Nabataea  Northern Nabataea
 Borders of Nabataea  Eastern Nabataea
 Western Nabataea Quick Introduction (FAQ)
Who were the Nabataeans? The Muslim Invasion
Arabia in Ancient History The Crusades
Early History Rediscovery
Middle History The Hagarites/Gerrhaeans
Late History The Twelve Tribes of Ishmael
The Fall of Petra
Nabajoth, Mibsam, Kedar, Adbeel, Mishma, Dumah,
Massa, Hadad, Tema, Jetur, Naphish, Kedemah
Time Line  Nabataean Economics
Ancient Maps of Arabia Nabataean Tall Tales
Ancient Historians The History of Concrete and the Nabataeans
Ancient Quotes about the Nabataeans The Ptolomies of Egypt
 The Camel and the Nabataeans The Arabian Horse and the Nabataeans
Nabataean Culture   Clothing
Desert Life   Coins
 The Price of Honor   Pottery
 Honor and Shame in a Middle Eastern Setting   Writing
 Nabataean Graffiti   The Multi-Alphabet Theory
 Writing Chart (Arabic base)  Writing Charts (German, English) 
 The Petra Scrolls  The Cave of Letters 
 Nabataean Pantheon of Gods  Burial Practices
 Block Gods  Nabataean Zodiac
 Making Sense of Middle Eastern Religion  Petroglyphs
 Deifying Leaders  
Who were the ancient Arab Sea Traders? Alexandria, the center of trade
Nabataeans in Italy Berenice Port on the Red Sea
Nabataeans in Africa Myos Hormos Port on the Red Sea
Africa: Juani Island Leuce Come Port on the Red Sea
Africa: Mafia Island Trade on the Arabian Sea
Africa: The Coast of Tanzania Trade on the Red Sea
Nabataeans in India Nabataeans in the Arab Gulf
The Kingdoms of South India Indian Pottery Found in Petra
Arab Ports of Call in India Trade on the Bay of Bengal
Nabataeans and Sri Lanka Ancient Trade Items
The Kingdom of Ruhuna Nabataeans in Turkey
Stone Anchors from Arabia in Sri Lanka Malacca in Asia
Southern Arabia: Menu Dong Song Kingdom in Vietnam
Southern Arabia: Countryside African Pottery found in Nabataea
Southern Arabia: A Caravansary Nabataean Trade Routes
Southern Arabia: The Marib Dam Nabataeans on Rhodes
Southern Arabia: Sa'ada (City in the North) The Ancient Maritime Sea Route
Southern Arabia: Yemeni Lifestyle A Proposed New Trade Route Directly East from Petra
Nabataeans in Antarctica? Elephants and the Nabataeans
Nabataeans in China Trade on the China Sea
The Spice Route Time Chart (China, India, Arabia, Europe)  Nabataea found in Chinese Texts
China: The Li-Kan Question  Book Review: 1421 The Year China Discovered the World
An overview of Chinese history The 'West' as mentioned in Chinese historical sources
How far did the Nabataean Merchants Travel?  
Ancient Sailing and Navigation History and Construction of the Dhow
Parallel Maritime Histories Who were the Ancient Arab Sea Traders?
Petra (A complete section in itself) Bostra
Nabataeans in the Negev Wadi Rumm
Mampsis Aila
Mampsis Photos Humeima
Nessana Meda'in Saleh
Ruheiba Meda'in Saleh: Tombs: Exteriors and Interiors
Avdat Meda'in Saleh: Tomb Decorations, Falcons, Faces, etc
Elusa Meda'in Saleh: Niches, Altars and God Blocks
Gaza Ma'an
Shivta \ Sobota Leuce Come
The Wall Where was Leuce Come? by Bob Lebling
Negev Wall A Possible Solution for Leuce-Come
Sela South Forts
Um al Jemal More South Forts
 Archeological sites in Saudi Arabia  
Qur'anic Geography  Timeline
Mecca  Petra Map
The QIbla The Qur'an and the Qibla Timeline
The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra Book on CD-ROM
Strategos Card Game  Caravans Game
Petra's Sercret's, Children's Book
Flaming Torch


Fun Stuff
Fun Stuff for Kids Menu The Camel Caravan Experience: Menu
Spot the Difference The Camel Caravan Experience: The Camels
A Kid'z Visit to Petra The Camel Caravan Experience: Our Food
Ancient Game Boards Discovered in Petra! The Camel Caravan Experience: Mount Up
Kidz who live in Nabataea Today The Camel Caravan Experience: The Trip South
Word Search The Camel Caravan Experience: Our Cargo
Camel Bags The Camel Caravan Experience: The Trip Back
Download two pictures to print and color The Camel Caravan Experience: Bandits and Thieves
Download two pictures to print and color The Camel Caravan Experience: Navigation in the Desert
Download two pictures to print and color The Camel Caravan Experience: Sand Storms
The Camel Caravan Experience: Arriving Safely at Home
 Using Google Earth and our links, you can now get a bird's eye view of many archeological sites discussed on this website.
Petra, capital city of the Nabataeans
 Arriving in Petra  Temple of Al Uzza (Winged Lions)
 The Walk In  Temple of Dushares (Qasr al Bint)
 The Main Siq  Museum
 The Small Siq  The Dier (Monestary)
 The Treasury  Jebal  Habis
 The Treasury Plaza   Um al Biera
 Re-Construction of the Treasury (1961)  City of Board Games
 The Treasury Mystery  The Snake Monument
 Street of Facades  Sabara Suburb
 Water Works  City Walls (Map of the City)
 The Theater  Al Beidha
 The Royal Tombs  Churches
 Tombs North of the Royal Tombs  Kubtha High Place
 Robinson High Place  Wadi Nmeir
 The Colonnade Street  Small Delights
 The Great Temple (Royal Courts?)  Petra Today
The Incense Road
 Follow the route by going down the columns Northern Desert Trek
Gaza(Jenysos) Tayma
Elusa Meda'in Saleh
Ruheiba Dedan
Obodat Khaybar
Wadi Fiqreh Medina
Wadi Arabah Southern Desert Trek
Sela Najran
Rekem, (Petra) Sa'ada
Ayl Yathul
Gryn Marib (Saba)
Hawara Timna (Qatraban)
Wadi Rumm Shibam(Hadramaut)
Al Uyaynah Ubar
 Follow the route by going down the columns Ayl
Rekem, (Petra)
Wadi Arabah
Wadi Fiqreh
Myos Hormos
Leuce Kome Elusa
Gaza (Jenysos)
Gryn  Sumhuram
The Land of Edom
Introduction to Edom Did Edom's original Territories Extend West of Wadi Arabah?
Reassessing the Chronology of Biblical Edom: New Excavations and 14C dates from Khirbat en-Nahas
The Founding of the Nations Locating The Garden of Eden
The Chronology of the Bible Eden: A Few Leading Clues
Early Chronologies of the Bible Eden: The Rivers Euphrates and Hiddekel
Modern Chronologies of the Bible Eden: The River Pison
Book Review: The Lost Millennium Eden: The River Gihon
Chronology from Solomon to Hezekiah Part I Eden: The Changing River Courses
Chronology from Solomon to Hezekiah Part II Eden: Eden in Relation to Geology
Chronology from Solomon to Hezekiah Part III Eden: Eden and Biblical Chronology
The Chronology of Isaiah Eden: Cain's City of Enoch
Chronology of Jeremiah Eden: Are the names in Genesis 2 Postdiluvial?
The Date of Christ's Birth Eden: Maps, sketches, notes and links
Gibson Bible Atlas Is Petra in Bible Prophecy?
Atlas: General Map of Countries & Nations The Man from Petra: Menu
Atlas: Mediterranean (Early movements) The Man from Petra: Front Cover
Atlas: Canaan (before Abraham) The Man from Petra: Pages 2 - 3
Atlas: Canaan in Patriarchal Ages The Man from Petra: Pages 4 - 5
Atlas: Wanderings in the Wilderness The Man from Petra: Pages 6 - 7
Atlas: Wanderings Map Two The Man from Petra: Pages 8 - 9
Atlas: Land Allotted to the 12 Tribes The Man from Petra: Pages 10 - 11
Atlas: The World of the Assyrian Empire The Man from Petra: Pages 12 - 13
Atlas: Kingdoms of David & Solomon The Man from Petra: Pages 14 - 15
Atlas: Kingdoms of Judah and Israel The Man from Petra: Pages 16 - 17
Atlas: Israel, Judah, Jerusalem  The Man from Petra: Pages 18 - 19
Atlas: Israel under Roman Occupation The Man from Petra: Back page
Visit all the stations from Damascus to Medina  Hundreds of photos added in January 2007
Deir Ali  Cadem Workshop
Book Reviews  Cadem Roundhouse
People and Stories  Cadem Station
Dera to Haifa Line  Esh Shejara
Dera'a Station  Men who worked the line
Mesmie Station  Jim Easler Trip, 1965
The Amazing Ancients The Voynich Question
Mystery Rock  Voynich: Introduction to the Voynich Manuscript
The Flat Earth Myth Voynich:  Physical Composition of the Manuscript
Megaliths Voynich: History of the Voynich Manuscript
Stonehenge Voynich:  The Layout of the Manuscript
Atlantis Voynich: The Text, Language and Illustrations
Ancient Time Piece Voynich: A Possible Middle Eastern Connection
Bahrain Voynich: Plants found in Nabataea
Zimbabwe What is it? (Voynich)
Sahara Desert's Changing Climate Ancient Pueblo Dwellers
The Petra Park The Hejaz Railway
The Bedul Who are the Nabataeans Today?
Modern Nabataea (photo essay) Lawrence of Arabia
Animals of Nabataea Plants of Nabataea
Mammals Trees
Birds Shrubs
Insects Flowers
Reptiles Grasses
Fish Weeds
Other Animals Other Plants
Jeff's Book Shop   
 Petra: City of Board Games  Senet Games
 Ancient Board Games and the Nabataeans  Labyrinths
 Wadi Rumm: Valley of Game Boards  Seega Games
Pre-Islamic Arabia Menu Shis'r (Ubar?)
The Nabataean Culture & Mada'in Saleh by Thomas Kummert
 The Nabataean Culture & It's Petra Capital by Thomas Kummert
 Nabataean History & Their Kings by Thomas Kummert
 Nabataean Trading Activities by Thomas Kummert
 The Nabataean Pantheon & Their Gods by Thomas Kummert
 Petra's Great Temple - Leading Nabataean Excavation by Thomas Kummert
 Nabataean Votive Niches - An Important Place of Worship by Thomas Kummert
 Nabataean Script - The Basis of Arabic Writing by Thomas Kummert
 Nabataean Pottery - Unique Eggshell Thin Ceramic Ware by Thomas Kummert
 Nabataean Culture - Day to Day Life in Ancient Petra by Thomas Kummert
 Honor and Shame in a Middle Eastern Setting, Roland Muller
Did Edom's Original Territories Extend West of Wadi Arabah", Bruce, R. Crew
New archaeological finds from the coast of Tanzania, Dr. Felix A. Chami
A Short History of Mafia Island, Peter Byrne
 Where was Leuce Come? Bob Lebling
Of Nubians and Nabateans: Implications of research on neglected dimensions of ancient world history,
Dr. Jesse Benjamin, Journal of Asian and African Studies, Nov 2001 v36 i4 p361(22) 2001 Copyright: E.J. Brill
Introduction to the Crusades  Habis Castle, Jordan
Azrak Castle, Jordan   High Place Castle
Wadi Mousa Castle, Jordan   Ajloun Castle, Jordan
Shoubak Castle, Jordan  Kerak Castle, Jordan
Smaller Fortifations: Grayn, Jerash, Um Jemal etc   
Roman Arabia Amman (Philadelphia)
Gadara (Um Qais) Jerash (Decapolis)
Roman Gaza Roman Roads
Wadi Sier  Mukawir
Ottoman World Maps Ottoman Ship Types
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