Documentary Film based on Gibson's book: Qur'anic Geography


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The High Place
on El Kubtha Mountain
Arriving at Petra
The Walk Into Petra
The Siq
The Small Siq
Street of Facades
Water Works
The Theater
The Royal Tombs
High Place
Colonnade Street
Great Temple
Temple of Al Uzza
Temple of Dushares
The Museum 
The Dier 
Al Habis
Um Al-Biera
Jebal Haroun
City of Board Games
Snake Monument
Sabara Suburb
City Walls/Map
Al Beidha
Al Beidha Village
Kubtha High Place
Wadi Nmeir 
Small Delights
The Bedul
Petra Today 
Petra Park
Is Petra the
Holy City of Islam?
Petra Park





In recent years the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Jordan has repaired the stairs to Al Kubtha Mountain, making it possible for tourists to climb to the top and visit the High Place and other sites on this mountain. The stairs up this mountain are located between the Palace Tomb and Sextius Florentinus Tomb. Right: Click on the map of Petra to see where these tombs are located.

Below: Once you start up the stairs, you come to an ancient doorway with a modern but poorly built door.

Right: From this doorway, the stairs go up and up. This is not a climb for the faint hearted, or those with heart trouble!

Above: After climbing for a long time, from a lookout point you can get a great view of the Christian Tombs.


Left: Across the ravine, there are some tremendous displays of natural color in the rocks.


From the stairs you can look directly down onto the top of the Palace Tomb and see how part of the facade was built up with rock.

Along the way to the top you get a great view of Um al Biera, Jebal Habis and the Collonaded Street.

There is a great view of the amphitheater from the stairway! One tourists reach the top, they are often confused at what they are looking at.
There are a number of sites that could have been a High Place Altar on Jebal El Kubtha.


Across the valley you can see the Turkamaniya Tomb. When we snaped this picture, the tomb was covered with a metal scafolding during restoration. (March 2003)

There is a dam and water cistern at the top of the mountain, just east of the priest's village.
The easiest way down the mountain is the same stairs that you came up.
 There are a number of other highplaces around Petra, some of them difficult to get to and treacherous to climb, such as the one pictured on the left.


If you walk further east from the High Place you come to where you can look down on the Treasury. To see a full size picture of this photograph click the picture above. Special thanks to Chris Spiegl for this exceptional photograh. Taken March 2001